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Cooperation with Thai Steam in Thailand promotes ZOZEN globalization strategy

  Sincereformand opening-upfour decades ago, ChinesegovernmentencouragesChinese enterprisestogo abroad andparticipatethe globalcompetitionon the stage. As a large boiler manufacture facing the international market, ZOZEN activelyresponds to thecallofgovernment and seizes the historical development opportunity to strengthenforeigncooperation. Recently, ZOZEN successfully achieved cooperation with THAI STEAM SERVICE & SUPPLY CO., LTD, which is a famous machinery contractor in Thailand.

  Thai Steam is a comprehensive mechanical contractor, providing services rangingfromengineering technology,purchase, construction engineeringand maintenance service in Thailand. This company undertook an important project in 2018. As one of the project supporting equipment, the boiler plays a key role for overall project delivery quality. Considering that, the company decided to replace out-dated boiler equipments with premiumones.

  Thai Steam visited the ZOZEN boiler room in Thailand on therecommendationof its cooperative partners, and was deeply impressed by goodrunningperformance of ZOZEN boilers. ZOZEN recommended WNS series oil-fired boilers for the company after learning that they used heavy oil as fuel. This kind of boiler that features reliability, high-efficiency, energyconservationandenvironmentprotection and full automatic intelligent control, fully meet the high standard of Thai Steam.

  At the same time, Thai Steam conductedafieldresearchto ZOZEN production base in China. Thai Steam immediately decided to order one set of gas-fired boiler and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with ZOZEN after visiting ZOZEN's modern production workshop and advanced production technology.

  In the beginning of April, Thai Steam was going to import a new set of boiler for its new project, and ordered a set of YLW series thermal fluid heater from ZOZEN.

  It has only taken two months from the first order to the following order, whichfullyrevealed that Thai Steam extremelytrustedZOZEN. This kind of trust is the best evidencefor tremendousstrength and good market reputation of ZOZEN. The cooperation with Thai Steam will not only improve sales performance market shares in Thailand, but also lay a solid foundationfor expanding lager international market.

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