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WNS 6-1.25-Q awarded the “Energy Saving Product”

        Recently, the Ministry of Industry andInformation Technology released the “Energy Efficiency Star” product catalog(2015). There are total 141 models of products in 13 categories in the country andgas-fired boiler WNS6-1.25-Q produced by Wuxi ZOZEN boiler Co., Ltd. of YixingCity was selected into this list and became the only product to be selected as“energy efficiency star” from Yixing City.

        In this year's “Energy Efficiency Star”catalog, 17 energy-saving products from 13 companies in Jiangsu were selected.In recent years, under the background of the Chinese government's efforts topromote energy conservation, environmental protection, and emission reductionand consumption reduction policies, as the largest industrial boiler exportproduction enterprise in China, ZOZEN boiler focused on the research anddevelopment of advanced equipment, in terms of coal-fired and gas-fired boilermanufacturing technologies. Make a huge breakthrough.

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