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ZOZEN helps PT Angels Products install coal-fired steam boilers successfully

DHL series coal-fired steam boilers belong to field-assembled boilers. All parts must be installed on site, which have a high requirement on installation capacity. ZOZEN is not only dedicated to boiler manufacture, but also provides turn-key project for our customers. This time ZOZEN successfully helps PT Angels Products install 75tph coal-fired steam boiler. PT Angels Products, a subsidiary of PT Pasifik Agro Sentosa, has been one of the biggest companies in the field of industrial crystal sugar refinery in Banten. In the production of crystallized sugar refining, decolorization, evaporation, crystallization and drying are important processes, which need to consume a large number of steam. Therefore, PT Angels Products needs to purchase one set of steam boiler with sufficient output. PT Angels Products is impressed by ZOZEN’s turn-key project and orders one set of 75tph coal-fired steam boiler. This kind of steam boiler is really suitable for the company, who has a large demand for steam.ZOZEN also attaches great importance to the cooperation. A professional engineer is sent to Banten to guide and supervise every step of installation. After the efforts of ZOZEN’s outstanding team, the installation is completed ahead of schedule and meets the requirement of PT Angels Products.

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