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ZOZEN water tube boiler is shipping to Australia

ZOZEN’s water tube boilers can be mainly divided into D-type, A-type, and π-type. On August 31, a 6 tph D-Type water tube boiler customized with ASME and AS standard is shipping to Australia. The owner of this water tube boiler is O'Brien Boiler Services in Australia.O'Brien Boiler Services is one of the leading Australian boiler suppliers. After visiting ZOZEN, they are impressed by ZOZEN’s powerful comprehensive strength and form a long-term cooperation with ZOZEN. On June 15, O'Brien Boiler Services has ordered one set of 6 tph D-Type water tube boiler, which features high efficiency and low consumption. This kind of water tube boiler is really popular in the international market.General Manager Mr. Zhang guoping has said that the boiler must be made on time and shipped in time for more than 30 years. All staff of ZOZEN has worked hard by following this requirement. This time, ZOZEN successfully manufactures a D-Type water tube boiler ahead of the schedule, which fully conforms to ASME and AS standard.

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