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Mexican energy company makes a visit to ZOZEN for future partnership

Biomass-fired boilers adopt clean fuels like rice husk, cotton stalk, corn cob, palm shell, sawdust, bagasse, coconut shell, etc., which help save conventional energy and alleviate the environmental pollution. ZOZEN’s biomass-fired boilers have been exported to Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand and many other countries. On September 12, the technical director Mr. Eduardo of this Mexican energy company, which is dedicated to develop energy conservation projects, came to visit ZOZEN. Mr. Eduardo said that Mexico has implemented energy reform and promoted the development of clean energy for recent years. The purpose of this visit is to study ZOZEN’s biomass-fired boilers and waste heat boilers.The visit by Mexican energy company means a lot to ZOZEN, which is conducive to brand publicity and helps promote ZOZEN’s future development in the North American market.

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