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4.2MW WNS series hot water boiler for Shanghai Jinshan Youth Practice Base

4.2MW WNS series hot water boiler for Shanghai Jinshan Youth Practice Base

Cooperative customer: Shanghai Jinshan Youth Practice Base

  • Capacity: 4.2MW、2.8MW
  • Application industry:

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Case Details

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers are widely used in industries such as central heating, hotels, and hospitals. This series of gas-fired boilers adopts a wetback structure. The large-diameter corrugated furnace can not only effectively absorb the thermal expansion, but also increase the radiant heating area. With the advanced combustion equipment, this series of gas-fired boilerscan ensure the full combustion of the fuel, and the thermal efficiency can reach over 98%. And the WNS series boiler is a package boiler, which is fast to install and saves a lot of installation and capital investment costs. In terms of quality assurance, ZOZEN has established a strict quality management system. Each boiler needs to undergo strict quality inspection procedures to complete the final assembly.

Shanghai Jinshan Youth Practice Base is a comprehensive public welfare practice base for elementary and middle school students invested and constructed by the Municipal Education Commission. In the normal operation of the practice base, the necessary supporting infrastructure, such as a hot water boiler, is essential. In order to build a high-quality platform for comprehensive social practice activities for young people and ensure the satisfaction of teachers and students in all aspects of the activity base's guarantee and service, Jinshan Practice Base selected ZOZEN fdue to the stable operation and excellent performance, and multiple sets of WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers provided strong support fot the normal operation of the base.

Customer feedback

When choosing an industrial boiler supplier, we attached great importance to the quality and performance of the boiler. In the early stage of inspection, the good reputation of ZOZEN had caught our attention. In the end, with the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption, ZOZEN became our boiler supplier for the practice base. After this period of operation, it had beed proved that our original choice was correct!

— Shanghai Jinshan Youth Practice Base

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