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91 MW and 70 MW hot water boiler for heating

91 MW and 70 MW hot water boiler for heating

Cooperative customer: Shenyang Third Thermal Company

  • Capacity: 91 MW, 70 MW
  • Application industry:

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Case Details

In order to ensure that theheat supply reaches the standard, the Shenyang Municipal Government has listedthe heating work as an important part of the performance appraisal of alldistricts and counties(cities). Shenyang Third Thermal Company is an excellentheat supply enterprise in Liaoning. Its heating area is spread throughout thecity. In order to ensure the quality of heating for resident in thejurisdiction, Shenyang Third Thermal Company purchased 3 sets of 91MW DHL seriesangle tube type water tube hot water boilers and 3 sets of 70MW DHL serieswater tube hot water boilers respectively before and after. These two types ofhot water boilers of ZOZEN have sufficient output, high thermal efficiency,safety and reliability, which are suitable for civil heating. This can help theShenyang Third Thermal Company to operate boilers scientifically, do a good jobin regulating the heating system, to ensure the end of the heating system can provide balanced heat.

Customer feedback

After the project wasconfirmed, ZOZEN boiler sent a professional technical team to install and debugit, ensuring that during the heating operation was normal, stableand 24 hours uninterrupted. Thanks to ZOZEN boiler’s professionaltechnology, advanced equipment and responsible attitude. ZOZEN helped us do all theheating preparation before the arrival of cold weather, and reached the variousheating targets of the environmental protection department.

— Shenyang Third Thermal Company

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