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6 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler for pharmaceutical factory

6 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler for pharmaceutical factory

Cooperative customer: Luoyang Junshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Capacity: 6 tph
  • Application industry:

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Case Details

Luoyang Junshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical company mainly engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine, integrating R&D, production, and sales. Traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical companies generally have extraction, concentration, distillation, drying, sterilization, purified water preparation, air-conditioning chillers and other technological equipment, all of which use steam as a heat source. However, at this stage, the general TCM companies do not use steam for comprehensive utilization. Steam is used only once, and a large amount of waste heat and waste heat are directly discharged into the atmosphere. The overall energy utilization rate is low. The person in charge of Junshan Pharmaceutical, through investigating and comparing the boilers on the market, finally chose to customize a 6-ton WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler in the ZOZEN boiler boiler to reduce boiler steam consumption and waste heat recovery, and increase the boiler thermal efficiency to more than 98%. Each year, the company can save boiler operation costs up to 10%, and its investment in the condensate recovery project can be fully recovered after approximately one and a half years of boiler operation.

Customer feedback

The process of medicine drying, cooking, and soft capsules all require steam, and the demand of the steam quality is very high.Considering from the perspective of steam boilers of and steam quality, the steam production quantity ZOZEN boiler are perfect.

— Luoyang Junshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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