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7MW WNS gas-fired hot water boiler project for Yinlang ranch

7MW WNS gas-fired hot water boiler project for Yinlang ranch

Cooperative customer: Yinlang ranch

  • Capacity: 7MW
  • Application industry:

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Case Details

Hot water boilers are used to provide thermal energy for agricultural greenhouse, flowers shed, poultry house and other places. Founded in 1947, Yinlang ranch has turned into one of China's largest production bases of agricultural and animal husbandry products now. With the rapid development of greenhouse economy, the number of greenhouses in Yinlang ranch has been expanded to more than 4000. The original boilers were unable to meet the heating demand of these greenhouses. Taking the environmental protection policy into consideration, Yinlang ranch has planned to order several gas-fired hot water boilers. Furthermore, Heilongjiang is quite cold in winter. In order to guarantee the regular growth of crops, the greenhouses always need to be kept at the right temperature. Therefore, Yinlang ranch pays much attention to boilers’ stable and reliable operation when choosing the new boilers. ZOZEN’s WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers feature full automatic intelligent control, which makes combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure be adjusted automatically and self protected, ensuring the boilers to run stably and safely for a long time. These kinds of hot water boilers also adopt large corrugated furnace, which is designed for fuels to be fully burned. The thermal efficiency can reach above 98% and the NOx emission can lower to 30mg/Nm3. These hot water boilers are preferred by Yinlang ranch. At present, they have already ordered 4 sets of 7MW WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers from ZOZEN.

Customer feedback

Hot water boilers provided by ZOZEN are proved to be more reliable and energy-efficient than others’, which can totally meet the heating needs of our greenhouses. Meanwhile, we really appreciate that ZOZEN provides us with the perfect customer service from the installation to successful running, helping us save lots of effort.

— Yinlang ranch

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