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20 tph SZS gas-fired water tube boiler project for food industry

20 tph SZS gas-fired water tube boiler project for food industry

Cooperative customer: Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Capacity: 20tph
  • Application industry:

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Case Details

In the production process of fine dried noodles, the stream boiler is a key equipment to provide plenty of steam for cooking, drying, concentrating, sterilizing and other production processes.  Chen Keming, the founder of Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. started the research and production of fine dried noodles since 1984. Currently, Kemen Noodle Manufacturing has developed into the leading private food hi-tech enterprise in the domestic noodle industry; its annual production capacity can reach 240,000 tons with annual sales reaching $180 million. Kemen Noodle Manufacturing has set up multiple subsidiaries all around China. Recently, its subsidiary in YanJin County expanded the scale of production and added one additional production line of high-grade fine dried noodles. As an important member of the production line, the boiler plays a decisive role. Kemen Noodle Manufacturing attached great importance to the purchase of boilers, so the company held an open tendering to seek a reliable boiler supplier. With excellent quality and complete solution, ZOZEN stood out in a number of boiler manufacturers and won the bid. ZOZEN provided the 20tph SZS gas-fired steam boiler (SZS20-1.25-Q) to Kemen Noodle Manufacturing. This kind of steam boiler adopts the design of membrane water wall and a large volume furnace; In addition, to effectively reduce the NOx emission, the boiler is equipped with an advanced low NOx burner imported from Europe. Kemen Noodle Manufacturing fully recognized the 4-full service system of ZOZEN and conferred the title of Preferred Quality Supplier to ZOZEN.

Customer feedback

ZOZEN was a reliable partner. We were very satisfied with both the high-quality products and the excellent service they provided. ZOZEN deserved the title of Preferred Quality Supplier.

— Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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