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90 tph SZS series gas-fired steam boiler project for chemical industry

90 tph SZS series gas-fired steam boiler project for chemical industry

Cooperative customer: AO《NAVOIYAZOT》

  • Capacity: 90 tph
  • Application industry:

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Case Details

As the important energy equipment in chemical production, boilers provide heat energy for chemical production processes such as polymerization, drying and dehydration. Navoiyazot is affiliated to the national stock company Uzkimyosanoat (Chemical Industry Holding Company). It mainly produces more than 170 kinds of mineral fertilizers and chemical reagents. Its production capacity covers more than 30% of Uzbekistan's total chemical production, being a leading company in the Uzbekistan chemical industry.With the expansion of the company's capacity and the acceleration of the automation process, Navoiyazot decided to renovate the boiler room. Navoiyazot's special investigation team conducted multiple analysis of the Chinese boiler market. ZOZEN reached a cooperation with Navoiyazot due to its good market reputation and high professionalism. ZOZEN tailored the SZS series gas-fired boiler system solution for Navoiyazot. This series of double-drum steam boilers adopts a full membrane wall structure with good sealing performance. It is designed with large furnace to ensure full combustion of fuel and the thermal efficiency is over 98%. Meanwhile, this series of gas-fired steam boilers has reliable water circulation. Besides, the arrangement of various safety devices such as explosion-proof doors and flame detectors make the boiler operation safer and more reliable.

Customer feedback

When visiting ZOZEN, the modern, large-scale and professional production lines of the factory impressed us a lot. Most of the processes had achieved precise numerical control operation, and we were very reassured to hand over the boiler project to such a company. It had been proved that our choice was correct. ZOZEN not only completed the delivery within the agreed time, but also provided attentive service.


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